AI-Assistant to increase appointments for Healthcare


Over 200+ Hospitals across India are using Kenyt.AI’s AI-Assistants to generate 3X more leads and improve appointments by up to 50%.  

Consumer behaviour has been changing drastically, even since the beginning of the pandemic. Chatbots were one such tool that gained importance for handling repetitive tasks and reducing the burden on the administrative staff, while also increasing the number of appointments and positively impacting the revenue.

Chatbots in Healthcare?

Chatbots in healthcare can help improve patient engagement and improve operational efficiency by engaging with patients – sharing hospital-specific information, being available 24×7, enabling patients to search for doctors, specialities, schedule appointments, branch search, regional language support and much more.  

This can help hospitals and clinics become more patient-centric and offer personalized experiences to patients across multiple digital channels.

Some of the features of Kenyt.AI Healthcare AI-Assistant:


Healthcare specific: Kenyt.AI Healthcare AI-Assistant is specifically designed for the healthcare sector keeping the requirements of hospitals and clinics in mind. The conversation flows and bot answers have been built specifically to improve the lead and appointment capture for hospitals and clinics.


Search by Specialty: Patients can search for any specific speciality on the AI-Assistant or can share their symptoms based on which the AI-Assistant redirects to the concerned speciality.


Doctor Search: Patients can also choose to book an appointment with any specific doctor of their choice. They can search for the doctor by name, choose the time slot and book an appointment accordingly.


Book Appointments: Configure available time slots, integrate with calendars and enable patients to book real-time appointments on the chat itself, based on the doctor’s availability.

Collect payments on chat: Enable patients to make payments for the appointments, while booking, on the chat itself using Kenyt.AI’s Razorpay integration. Patients can choose the payment method and accordingly make the payments.


Nearby: Enable patients to search for nearby branches using the “nearby” feature. The AI-Assistant picks up the location and showcases the nearby branches for the patient to choose from and schedule appointments accordingly.


Regional Language: Kenyt.AI’s AI-Assistants can be configured to chat in over 122+ languages enabling a smoother experience for patients. A patient can choose the language of their choice and get easy access to information.


Qualifying questions: Kenyt.AI’s Healthcare AI-Assistant can be customized to capture certain patient-specific information before capturing the details or appointment. This can enable doctors to get a brief idea of the patient medical history before the actual appointment.

With changing consumer behaviour, chatbots or AI-Assistants have come to the forefront in terms of patient service and enabling hospitals/clinics to streamline their operational efficiency without having to undergo major organizational changes.

They can be present 24×7, to assist patients with hospital-related information and help capture better-qualified leads and improve the appointment conversions.

Kenyt.AI’s Healthcare AI-Assistant is being used by 200+ hospitals to capture up to 3X more leads and improve appointment conversions.

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Kenyt.AI: Collect payments on WhatsApp, with Razorpay Integration

Enable payments on Kenyt’s AI-Assistants, powered by Razorpay – India’s leading payment gateway for online payments

WhatsApp Business has enabled organisations to gain access to one of the most widely used social platforms, globally.

Businesses can create a product catalogue, push marketing messages (moderated and pre-approved by WhatsApp), enable customers to book appointments, creating a comprehensive customer experience on WhatsApp.

What’s missing however in WhatsApp Business is the last and the most important piece of the jigsaw – the ability to collect payments on chat. WhatsApp Pay launched in November of 2020 but has been focused on the P2P or individual-to-individual funds transfer.

Kenyt.AI has tied up with Razorpay – India’s leading payment gateway for online payments, launching a comprehensive solution for WhatsApp with integrated payments.  

How does this work?


Customers can chat with your business on WhatsApp, browse through the catalogue of products offered, add to cart and when they proceed to checkout – they can select one of two options available i.e “COD” or “Pay Online”.

“Pay Online” generates a unique payment link, powered by Razorpay, which is shared with the customer on chat. They can click, choose a convenient method for payment from Net Banking, Debit/Credit Cards or even UPI payments.

Once they complete the payment, the status is shared with them on WhatsApp along with the status of the payment and the order status.


In a post-Covid-19 world where customer behaviour has pivoted to the digital channels, customer experience plays an even more important role than ever before.

One of the channels that have a huge base of untapped potential customers is WhatsApp which, despite not being made for the primary reason of marketing, has become one of the most active platforms for business to sell and interact with customers and is driving ahead with ~17 million new users per month, in India alone.

It’s become almost a mandate for businesses to have a presence on this platform and offer as seamless an experience as possible to ensure customer satisfaction.

Kenyt.AI’s integrated WhatsApp solution, with payments powered by Razorpay, was launched to ensure that businesses can give their customers a comprehensive experience on one of the most widely used social platforms.

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