How to create a chatbot for your website in less than 3 minutes!

Create, train and deploy a Chatbot for your company website in less than 3 minutes

Creating a fully functional automated chatbot for your company website cannot get easier.

Kenyt.AI Self Serve Platform enables you to create a fully configured chatbot – ready to deploy, in less than 3 minutes which can capture up to 3X more leads, enable customers to request for a manual chat, book appointments, browse through your products/services, add to cart and make payments – all on the chat!

The entire process consists of 4 simple steps:

  1. Virtual Assistant Details: Give your Virtual Assistant a name and fill in your details – as simple as that! You’re done with the first step – your chatbot is now ready for customization.
  2. UX Settings: Brand colours help customers to relate to your company. Set your brand colours on the chatbot, upload your logos and customize the look and feel of the chat window to match your brand.
  3. Bot Answers: Customer engagement is dependent on how well the chatbot interacts with your customers. Customers are coming to your website for a reason – they’re looking for specific information about what you do, the services you offer, pricing or where you’re located. Train the chatbot to respond to customer queries and ensure your customers get the information they’re looking for – improve online customer engagement and capture up to 3X more leads from your existing marketing activities.
  4. Deploy: Deploying the Virtual Assistant is a simple copy and paste. Before deploying, you can test the bot, see how the bot is responding to queries, and then if you’re satisfied – copy and paste the code snippet in the header tags of your website.

Voila! Your Chatbot is live, ready to engage with your digital customers, capture up to 3X more leads from your existing marketing activities and improve your sales conversions by up to 50%.

Explore our full set of features:

  • Appointments: Enable customers to book appointments with your team or a specific department, video calls on chat (no additional software required), automated follow-ups, and integration with your existing calendar.
  • Manual Chat: Enable customers to request a manual chat with your agent or any specific department, multi-agent chat to ensure your customers get the right information, agent-to-agent private chat to discuss customer queries and automatic translations for customer interactions.
  • Payments: Give your customers a comprehensive shopping experience – browse through products, add to cart, checkout and make payments – all on the chat!

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